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Private Session - Revibe

Session details:

Let us Know what time works for YOU and we will try to make it happen. Session details: A transformative 3-hour personalized private session aims to equip you with tools and strategies to optimize your performance in all aspects of life, both physically and mentally. Whether you're an athlete looking to improve your game or simply seeking to enhance your daily life, join us for this transformative experience. Session details: A transformative 3-hour session designed to introduce you to the foundational skills of the Optimal Living Method. Consider this session the starting point of a journey, to become the best version of yourself. LEVEL 1 is an introduction to breath therapy, mental conditioning and physical performance focusing techniques to enhance high performance & mental clarity as well the use of cutting edge tools to deal with stress and anxiety. Session details: - Introduction to the Optimal Living Method (OLM) - REVIBE Mission Statement, Values & Philosophy - Purpose of the training and application of the tools Participants will learn: - Performance breathing foundations, methods, and exercises - Breathing's impact on physical and mental health - Physiology of breath and assessment Breathing IQ - Controlled diaphragm breathing and performance theory - Breathing positions and benefits of apnea - Guided exploration breathing - Intro to Mobility & mindful movement - Hydrodynamics: dealing with the element water as well as training with weights underwater. We will work in our adaptation to the element water and practice (equalization, focus, relaxation, economy of movement and efficiency of breath) - Water safety and performance guidelines for REVIBE sessions - Loaded and unloaded shallow water exercises - Breathing protocols for cold water exposure. On-Land Practice: - Breathing, mobility and stretching exercises - Performance breathing exercises - Movement and balance warm up - Recovery breathing exercises - Ice Bath Protocols - Guidance and Breathing protocols for cold water exposure and stressful situations. In-Water Practice: - Proper use of equipment: masks, kettlebells, and lines - Water safety and performance exercises for REVIBE sessions - Underwater adaptation methods, equalization, hydrodynamics, and recovery - Working with gravity on the pool or ocean floor - Loaded and unloaded shallow water exercises LOCATION: MIAMI BEACH

  • 3 hours
  • Customized prices
  • Miami Beach, FL

Cancellation Policy

We are here to make it work. If you can not attend, please call us and we will reschedule if possible, or look for another date that works for you and your team.

Contact Details

  • 6301 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33141, USA

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