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Revibe next generation

Breathing workshops designed for schools

Interactive, engaging, and adaptable experiences designed to
provide skills, tools and strategies for optimal living and peak performance.

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Health and Wellness Workshop for students

Students will be introduced to the value of breath awareness and control, including how to safely and confidently respond and adapt to conditions and mitigate stress and anxiety. They will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to real life situations, both in and out of the water. 

Peak Performance Workshop for Student Athletes

Students will train both their minds and bodies for peak performance on and off the field, court, or track. Students will learn how to breathe to succeed – run faster, maintain stamina, recover quickly, and tap into their potential.

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"I’m trying to decide last minute where I’m going to college and it’s very stressful–and I have a lot of anxiety about it so taking time to breathe and relax really helped me."

Evan (Grade 12)

"I learned how to breathe better and knowing how you can use it in sports. Before I would get really gassed and was barely able to recover. Being able to learn how to breathe to optimize your performance is huge."

Austin (Grade 11)

"It was really relaxing. It was crazy to see the improvement from what happened at the beginning. I was breathing really fast and my heart rate was up, but by the end, I was really relaxed."

Dylan (Grade 9)

"I’ve never done anything like this. It really gets you in a tranquil place in your mind.  I’ll use this in football and track. The recovery breath is super helpful. This really helps you get to a point in your mind where you’re really peaceful and calm."

Darius (Grade 11)

"I really like the pool workout. It was great intensity, I really had to push myself. I liked where it was able to lead me in the meditation.  I’m usually a really tense person, so it made me realize that I could relax and let everything go."

Tariq (Grade 11)

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