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Our story

Introduction to Breathwork opened a whole new world for us. It felt like taking The Limitless Pill just by learning how to control our breath. It all started in 2018 when we attended Wim Hof's (The Iceman) Seminar in Miami Beach.

After that, we discovered Laird and Gabby’s XPT Life programs and certifications which changed our lives forever.   With the support of our wives and family we both became XPT Coaches and a few months later, we became XPT Water Pro certified Coaches at Laird's Hamilton and Gabby’s  Headquarters in Malibu, California. 
We both committed to this new lifestyle, which we adapted to our home in Miami Beach.  The results motivated us to promote and spread the XPT lifestyle's basic information, in Miami and around the world to audiences who don’t always find or can have access to it. 
This is the story of our community, not about us. We are not Elite Athletes, we are water sport enthusiasts that organize and promote a community that pushes you everyday to become a more resilient human being. 


We focus in safety, so we apply knowledge and protocols learned in XPT Water Pro Certification, in Malibu, CA, Big Wave Risk Assessment, BWRAG Certification in Puerto Rico, AIDA Free Diving & PADI Safety, CPR Lifeguard course, expending time by the sea and personal experience. 
Every person that has attended, has somehow contributed in a way to adapt and fine tune our program. We are in the search for wellness and Longevity by Sharing information that optimizes performance, it has become Revibe’s Nr.1 priority

The Ocean is our temple and the members of our community have experienced great results and amazing benefits through our ocean sessions. 

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