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For me, just being under water, seeing the light shine on the sand and the wildlife is already a reason to do Revibe.

But beyond that, If you want to get out of your comfort zone, break mind barriers, connect to your inner self, feel engaged with your body and turn your life around by walking on the ocean’s floor; then Revibe is the experience you are looking for. This is the most integrated workout I have ever experienced; and I love that every training starts before sunrise by learning the power of our breath; which we need to learn the most if we want to thrive in life. Ricky and Adrian have made an amazing community of like - minded people that care for the ocean and for taking wellness to the next level.

Professional Photographer


Boca Raton, FL



The Revibe Miami crew has introduced me to these latest training techniques and I have integrated some of them into my daily routine and plan to maintain some form of this for the rest of my life.

A 5 star experience for sure!

Meteorologist @ NOAA-National Hurricane Center

Kiter, Surfer and Waterman

Surfrider Foundation Miami

Miami, FL



There is no ceiling nor walls in our wonderful Revibe gym, only beach, sky and ocean. 

The XPT regimen & curated coaching with a little mind -blowing Wim Hof breathing protocols thrown in, have me ready to play hard and excel on land or sea.

Surfrider Foundation


Miami, FL



A life changing experience in every sense. 

Be prepared to be challenged, mesmerized and pushed hard while you conquer your extreme workout routine.

It will certainly propel your performance which within and outside the water

YPO Miami

Miami, FL



I am an active athlete practicing multiple sports - Jiu Jitsu, surfing, kite surfing. I complement my active lifestyle with weight training, swimming and Yoga. However, since I began training with the Revibe crew my performance in sports has significantly increased.


The experiential aspect that the Revibe crew has created is like no other. The physical training results combined with the beach and ocean’s natural high is like no other.


If you’re not “Revibing” you are missing out.


Action Sports Promoter

Aventura, FL



I have been practicing for about 4 months and could not have come into my life in a better time. It has a perfect balance of breathing, realigning of my focus and energy, connecting with nature,  and pushing myself.


Once I allowed them to guide me away from my comfort zone the results were mind blowing, a total lifestyle transformation.


I can’t wait to see how far I can “Revibe” myself.

Food Industry Consultant Enterpreneur

Miami, FL



The combination of XPT, WIM Hof cold therapy and pushing the mind to the limit which has such an effect on developing strength of body and strength of spirit, all the good stuff! I am grateful for this community.


Anybody looking for a mind body spirit training ground look no further than Revibe Miami beach.

CrossFit Endurance Trainer

Pose Method Running Coach

Functional Mobility Consultant
Hipp Nation

Miami, FL



Entering the Revibe community generated in me, in the short term, a notable increase in my physical and mental performance.In the Long term you will find
it is an experience that stimulates body, mind and soul.
In addition to connecting with nature, it motivates you into healthy habits, and like benefits of getting up early. Revibe reveals the key to everything JUST BREATHE and Flow to the Ocean. 

Media Consultant

Watersports Promoter

Bal harbour, FL

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